Homesteading Plans

As I mentioned in a previous post, my husband Steve and I are on a mission to find a new home. We have been living in our current home - our first home - for two years now, and while we have fully enjoyed all the aspects of home ownership (especially after renting apartments for seven years) and have essentially "flipped" our house over this time, we are ready for something different. We're not just looking for a different house, but a different lifestyle altogether. We are now looking for a home with 4 - 5 acres in the country, just outside the city.

When we were first looking at houses, Hubby suggested living outside the city. But while he grew up on a farm and had an appreciation for certain things 'country', it just wasn’t practical at the time. We were in lower paying jobs, had an old car (that was completely unreliable and cost a fortune to fill with gas), and the timing wasn't good. Now, we have better jobs, a newer and more fuel efficient car, and most importantly the desire to begin life together in the country. Hubby and I have a very strong relationship and we've been through tough financial times, tough living situations, and have certainly worked hard to get where we are - which is really just the beginning to me. We support each other in making these decisions, and we are both very excited to begin this new adventure together!

If someone told me 10 years ago, or even a couple years ago, that I'd be embarking on country living, I would have laughed and been in disbelief. But that's the beauty of growing and changing. Nothing is permanent, and just because things are one way right now doesn't mean they will stay that way.

Until we find our new home, I continue to read up about homesteading and all the things that I find true meaning and value in.