How it all began

To say I love dogs is an understatement. I don’t know what triggered the obsession. I never had dogs growing up, but somehow felt a connection to them regardless. In the absence of a real dog, my room was filled with stuffed toy dogs and a large collection of dog books. 

I begged and begged, cried and cried to my parents to let me have one. I hid dog books in their newspaper, news clippings with dogs for sale on the kitchen table... I truly believed they would give in. However, due to my parent’s allergies and personal preference, I was never allowed to have one. 

Every birthday candle blown out was a wish for a dog, every Christmas I threatened to ask Santa for a dog. I’ll never live down my childhood years where I pretended to BE a dog. I guess I figured if I pretended to be one, my parents would realize they weren’t so bad and get me a real one. I barked, ran around, growled at people... quite odd when I think about it now, but apparently I was very determined!! My relatives will always bug me about that one!

Time went on, but the dream lived on. Junior high was the hardest. Being in a new school, not fitting in, and getting bullied. I craved a dog’s companionship to a whole new level, and it really killed me not to have one. In the absence of my own dog, I volunteered at a local rescue and had the time of my life there. I took complete pleasure in cleaning up poop, bathing puppies, and walking dogs. 

High school came and went, and then university began. I finally got it through my head that having a dog would only happen when I was on my own. However, living in apartments throughout university and for the first few years of my career did not equal getting a dog. It wasn’t until my now-husband Steve and I were finally in a position to buy a home, and the prospect of having a dog suddenly became a reality for the first time in my life. Luckily, Steve understood my dog obsession and was totally on board to get one. By springtime, we had our major house renovations complete and Steve built a new secure fence for the backyard. We were ready.

I did my research... I had wanted a dog for a very long time, so it had to be right. To suit our lifestyle, I looked up all breeds and was certain of one thing - I wanted a small young dog, and settled on a Chihuahua / Chihuahua cross. 

I couldn’t believe the morning I woke up knowing we were going to look for our future dog. I was honestly in shock as we walked into the humane society. I admit, I was actually trembling... my teeth chattering... the works! You dream about something for so long that when it’s actually happening it’s hard to take in. Unfortunately, I got myself all worked up for nothing, as they didn’t have any small dogs at the time. We scoured four other shelters in the city, and even drove to the U.S. after seeing two Chihuahuas listed on Petfinder - but by the time we got there, they were both taken. Any other small dogs there just didn’t suit our lifestyle with their personalities. 

On our way home, I looked up local ads, and found a listing for 9-week old Chihuahua/Poodle cross puppies that were an accidental litter. Since the location was on our way home, I called them up. Two out of four puppies were left!

Here's the ad I saw online - Daisy is front row and center!

Here's the ad I saw online - Daisy is front row and center!

When we got to the farm house where they were, two kids carried the puppies over to us. Nothing about the place gave me a red flag. The family was from Eastern Germany with five kids, a friendly black lab greeted us, and the puppies' mom sat on the front porch barking away on her made-up bed. She was pure white and looked like a poodle cross.

On the car drive home with my new puppy!

On the car drive home with my new puppy!

When the puppies came over we held each one and I let them down to make sure they were in good physical shape. There was something about the red and brown one that got to us. She was calm when we held her, whereas the other one shook like a leaf, and she was slightly bigger - we weren't looking for a teacup dog. Not to mention the fact that she was adorable! It was a done deal!

I could not believe that I was holding my puppy on the way home! After all those years, I finally had my baby. It was very surreal! I had no idea just how much this 2.5 lb puppy would change my life for the better! Everything I have done since has revolved around my little Daisy. And now that she’s full grown and filled out to a whopping 6.5 pounds, she is my pure joy. 

I hope that the experiences I am privileged to share will inspire others to be good to their companions, or at the very least bring a smile to someone's face.

How could you not be obsessed with this face?!

How could you not be obsessed with this face?!

Here is a video of Daisy getting comfortable on the couch!