Daisy's Breakthrough

Over the August long weekend, my husband and I watched one of my friend's dogs while she was away for work. This is the same friend who watched Daisy while we were gone for the wedding, so Daisy was familiar with this dog.

It was very different having a new dog in our house for a few days, but our little guest was really good and low maintenance... a true couch potato. In the first couple of days, however, Daisy made sure to be near or on me the whole time, I guess to tell our visitor that I was HER "mom"! Luckily, Daisy slowly loosened up, venturing away from me a little more throughout the day as she felt less threatened. After going on some potty breaks together, she seemed to take less notice of our guest.

Then something amazing happened... Daisy played with her! And since then, she's been playing like crazy!


It started by her running up to our doggy guest, egging her on to chase her, which she did! Lots of running and stopping and starting... and since then they've been chasing each other and having a great time.

This may seem like no big deal to many, but for Daisy, this is huge. You have to understand that since we've had her from 9 weeks old, I have NEVER seen Daisy play with another dog!! I didn't know if she was even capable at this point! But our guest dog is very docile, never bothering Daisy, so she obviously feels comfortable enough to initiate play with her... just amazing to us!!

I'm so proud of this little girl. She found her confidence at last.