Warm and Cozy Dog Sweater

With the winter weather setting in, I'm glad to say that Daisy's coat is coming in thick and lush to help keep her warm. In the summer she went bald in a few spots, which was likely the result of hot weather and stress from our big move. Now her coat is looking beautiful! 

I still like to keep sweaters and jackets on hand for her as the weather gets cold... she's still little and that small body of hers can only do so much to keep her warm in a prairie winter. We had our first snowfall yesterday, so it's safe to say the temperature will only get colder at this point. 

I love crocheting when I have time, so I whipped up this super cute and cozy sweater for her in an evening. I got the incredibly easy pattern from Making it with Danielle. Daisy's Christmas sweater is also from this pattern. I chose a bulky soft yarn, and the colours actually coordinate with her fur pretty good!