My First Country Christmas

Can I just say I love it here? I honestly don't think the novelty of driving down our road and pulling into our driveway will ever wear off. For the first time in my life I feel like I'm part of a community... and I've never lived further from anyone than I do now. What does that tell you about the city...?

This place is my sanctuary.

What makes me so incredibly happy is that last year at this time I was dreaming of finding our new country home and spending Christmas there. Now we are here.

Our Christmas tree is from our property, found amidst the bush and shrubs behind our workshop. No one would know it was there except us. It's the most perfect and special tree we've ever had.

Even more special, is that we're hosting my family here on Christmas Eve. Last year I half-jokingly said to my parents "maybe next year we can all have a country Christmas!" Now we're going to have one. Mom's bringing the food (she's amazing!), we'll open presents, Dad will play the guitar, and so long as it's warm out we'll go for a country walk. Christmas Day will be at the in-law's farm, keeping that country Christmas going.

I had some fun creating a couple of different decorations this year. These crystal snowflakes came in a bag, and I was able to string fishing line through them, knotting them as I went, and hung them along the window. In the morning they catch the light beautifully!

I had a few vases, so I found pine needles and pine cones from around the yard and added them in here. I took a white kitchen garbage bag and cut it into little bits to create the 'snow'. 

Every year we get a new ornament for the tree to signify something from that year. We got this large ornament of snowshoes, to represent our new country place. 

I tried sewing Daisy a new winter jacket... let's just say it didn't pan out quite as planned! In any case, I had this gorgeous white faux fur left over, so I sewed her a new blanket with a fleece blanket we no longer use as the backing. It's so much better then having my robe on the bed, and  it adds to the warm Christmas-y feel at this time of year! I think Daisy agrees...!

My sleepy puppy!

My sleepy puppy!