A New Chapter is About to Begin

Wow. Sometimes it's sunk in, and other times I still wonder, but we got it. I couldn't imagine writing this, but now I can.

We found our country home.

To say how badly I've wanted to write that, there really are no words, yet there it is. It's not necessarily what we thought we'd get, but it's in the location we thought we could only dream about, and we will make it amazing, and it can be our forever home if we want.

Okay, so the details. It's a bungalow that needs every cosmetic update you can imagine! But the layout is good with room to still make changes, and it reminds us of our current home and what it looked like when we first got it. The basement needs work. It's got cracks and leaks with weird additions. We've looked into some options of what we could do with it, and have some ideas.

Did I mention it's on 40 acres? 4.0. Yup. Pretty crazy! The land is beautiful, and a big part of why we couldn't stop thinking about it. There's great trees surrounding the house, and there's a huge workshop with 3 garages. Then behind a tree line is a building that could be a barn (!), and a smaller shed. Then there's acres of pasture land with some trees in the middle, and close to 5 acres of trees at the back. Lots of opportunity. With plans to first run through it naked when we get there (sort of kidding!!), we could rent it out in future if we want, cut the grass into hay, or simply enjoy it as our own private park. We could even subdivide in the future if we wanted... but we're not interested in that any time soon. It's about 4.5 miles from a nice modern town, and is located close enough to the city where our commute to work may only be 10-15 minutes longer than it currently is.

A sneak peak at our pasture... goes half a mile down to the trees way at the back. I can't wait to explore this land!

A sneak peak at our pasture... goes half a mile down to the trees way at the back. I can't wait to explore this land!

While there are neighbours on each side, I walked around the house and couldn't actually see either of them. That was something I didn't want to compromise on. I didn't want to make a longer commute to work and arrive home to be crammed against the neighbours. I want peace and quiet as much as possible.

The view out the kitchen window... heaven!

The view out the kitchen window... heaven!

We are looking at this place with the future in mind. While the basement presents work to start with, in the long run we know we can make this place amazingly beautiful and enjoy it for years to come.

What does Daisy have to say about it? We brought her when we looked the second time, and I walked her quite a bit outside. I held her while I signed the offer. I think she'll love it. For an overall nervous dog, I think she'll benefit from the quiet, and I know that we'll all get more exercise walking through our own private park. It'll be an adjustment at first for her, but she'll get through it in no time with us.

Our house sold this past week, thank God! What a stressful experience. With a first buyer falling through, then putting it back on the market for another buyer, I felt like a crumbling mess... which is why I have zero plans to ever move again.  

So pumped to get out of the city!

So pumped to get out of the city!

Why I never want to move again:

1) Having no control. I hate it. Everything's a variable, and you're forced to wait. Our realtor called it "real estate purgatory". I would call it "real estate hell".

2) Showing your house is exhausting! I was beyond fortunate to bring my dog to work with me, but it was completely draining. Keeping a home "show room ready" all the time  takes a toll too. I don't know how my mom does it.

3) Having an upset stomach. Every. Single. Day. I lost 8 pounds.

4) The stomach thing? A result of anxiety, fear, stress. I don't deal well with any of them.

However, nothing in life comes easy and this was a very "in your face" reminder. I know that it'll all be worth it, though, when we're crossing our new threshold in a few weeks! I can't wait!!