A New Year

What better way to start again than a picture of my coop in winter - beautiful!

What better way to start again than a picture of my coop in winter - beautiful!

A new year, and hopefully some new motivation to keep up on my blog!

The absence isn't intentional, I just simply haven't had the time or energy to keep up lately.

Working a full time job while working on our place has left me with minimal downtime, so any chance I get, I like to just "be" and soak in some quiet time at home.

I don't think I've ever appreciated winter as much as I have this year. Winter has meant more time to relax lately, and while we have a list of goals for another busy year, it shouldn't be to the same extent as last year. In 2015 we got a lot of big projects behind us (ones that were necessity but only needed to be done once). Now I feel the excitement again of taking on new and fun projects in 2016!

I'd like to catch up on what we've done the last few months (installing new bay window, replacing doors, getting swather, digging 120' trench to run electricity to the coop, etc.), and plan on posting those separately so as not to bombard you with information!

In the meantime, I'd like to begin this year with a list of new goals. I don't plan on us getting everything done, but we'll see...!

- Finish front entrance closet
- Replace all flooring on main floor (spring/summer project)
- Create a garden to grow organic vegetables with the deep mulch gardening method
- Finish fencing of "backyard" space
- Help build chicken tractor
- Bale hay (of course), but store differently for maximum profits
- Refurbish kitchen chairs and table
- Blog more
- Install clothesline outside
- Name our property and create sign (we're still debating on a name for our place).

I think this list is too long but luckily we're at a point where we can take our time with a lot of these things, and if they wait another year, that's okay. We'll certainly give it our best!